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Q-Shades Pebble Grey Featheredge Cladding

Painted Timber Cladding Explained

The timber used to make Q-Clad™ timber cladding is slow grown Scandinavian PEFC Certified whitewood (Picea Abies). It is kiln dried to a specific moisture content suitable for external cladding use and preservative treated to Use Class 3.1 providing a 10 year warranty against fungal decay and insect attack (the warranty does not apply to the life of the paint coating). Factory applied paint provides the best possible paint finish for timber. We strive to provide conditions for the best possible paint adhesion. The paint is a waterborne microporous system by Teknos, a well renowned Finnish commercial paint manufacturer. The more coats applied to the cladding means the greater paint 'build' and the greater the 'build' the better the finish and resistance to weathering.

For over-painting we recommend the use of Bedec Barn Paints by Bedec Ltd or similar high quality waterborne microporous paint system.

The products are designed to be over-painted but this is your choice not a requirement of the ten year warranty provided for the durability of the timber. We would recommend over-painting to hide the heads of fixings or any minor damage that may be incurred during fitting. White Q-Clad can be left white to give that classic weatherboarding look seen in rural and coastal areas of the U.K. But is also designed to be a great base to over-paint with a colour of your choice.

Q-Shades Timber Cladding Explained

Q-Shades timber cladding products are pre-stained with a translucent brown or grey colour wash prior to TANALITH preservative treatment. The result is stylish shades with a matt finish that allow the beauty of the wood grain to show through. Assured long term preservative protection is also built-into the products that come with a 15 year performance warranty against fungal decay.

The pigment based colour system is extremely durable compared to other treatment colour systems. Depending upon the location and ultra-violet (UV) light exposure, expect the shades to remain effective for at 3 to 5 years when used vertically and approximately 2 years horizontally. Q-Shades weathers gracefully, a process that is even and natural. The result - all the assured long term preservative performance of our treated timbers with a durable and easy to maintain colour with subtle degrees of variations provided by the appearance of naturally beautiful wood.

Thermowood Cladding Explained

Thermowood is timber that has undergone a special heat treatment process to make it more durable without the need to use chemicals. The initial dark colouration makes it look similar to tropical hardwood cladding but at a significantly lower price. It has a more knotty appearance compared to the Q-Garden preservative pre-treated softwood cladding because of how the boards are cut from the original log. Being chemical free thermowood can be disposed of as you would any other untreated timber cladding. Q-Clad Thermowood cladding is supplied PEFC certified as standard, so sustainably sourced but please enquire with your Q-Clad retailer if PEFC Chain of Custody is required.

Preservative Pre-Treated Cladding Explained

Q-Garden cladding is made from quality Scandinavian softwood. To make the softwood timber durable for use outdoors the wood is preservative pre-treated using - TANALITH E EXTRA, a unique formulation, latest generation wood preservative that ensures Q-Garden timbers have the very best protection against wood decay and fungal attack. Extra protection is provided to Q-Garden timber cladding due to its built-in water repellent properties which also helps keep the wood looking better for longer. This effective protection means Q-Garden products come with a 15 year warranty against decay and insect attack.

Quality Service

Exciting Colours

Fresh and exciting colour options, pre-stained translucent colour wash, available in grey and brown from stock and black to order.


Consistent coverage and durable colour performance, the Q-Shades colourant system typically lasts between 2-5 years depending upon each installation.


Assured long term TANALITH preservative protection built-in, Giving a 15 year Warranty against fungal decay and insect attack